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Vienna International Airport

King Size Parking, Easy Parking, Online Parking
Web-Campaign starring Niki Lauda | 4 Spots, 0:30 min and 0:15 min | 2018
Client: VIE | Vienna International Airport

Austrian Medical Chambre

Ohne Ärzte geht's nicht
Web- & TV Campaign starring Omar Sarsam | 3 Spots, 0:30 min | 2017
Agency: Projekt21:

Client: Austrian Medical Chamber

Vamed Rap `VAMED mit VAU`
Info-Rap & video-clip on the correct pronunciation of ‘VAMED’
Web-Movie & Intranet-Kampagne, 2:30 min, 2016
Client: VAMED AG
Palmers Privée Luxury Dessous Kollektion
TV- & Web-Spot, 0:20 & 0:30 min, 2016
Agentur: Rosebud
Client: Palmers AG
VVW Silent Spa Laa
Intro-Movie & Opener des Silent Spa der Therme Laa
Web- & Event-Movie, 2:20, 2016
Client:  VAMED Vitality World

Global Day 1 – Recording & Live-Stream
In-House Information campaign
Live Web-Stream, 120 min, 2016
Client: SHIRE
ORF Breakfast TV-Show
Spots on the Resorts of VVW
10 TV-Spots á 0:12 min, 2016
Körber, Pott
Info-Movie on couples therapy
Web-Movie, 5:20 min, 2016
Client: Körber, Pott

Shire Austria
Image-Movie on the Austrian Sites
Web-Movie, 2:58 min, 2016
Client: SHIRE
Workplace Fitness
Video Instructions for Office Workout
52 Web-Movies á 0:45 min, 2016
Client: VAMED
Baxalta Austria
Image-Movie on the Austrian Sites
Web-Movie, 3:00 min, 2016

Gift Card Spots
Spot-Series on VVW Gift Cards
5TV-& Web-Spots á 0:30 min, 2016
Feiba Production Krems
Info-Movie on Pharmaceutical Production
Web-Movie, 6:00 min, 2016
Time management
In-House Info-Movie
Web-Movie, 3:20 min, 2015

The Freeman Show
Opening Video of the ‚Stuart Freeman Show’ in the Rabenhof Theater
1:20, 2015
Client: Stuart Freeman
IBA Conference
Video Opening of IBA Congress 2015 / ACV
4 Videos for the Opening ceremony with the Vienna boys Choir live in Concert
Event-Movies á 3:30 min, 2015
Client: Mondial
Just private
Image-Movie on the Geinberg 5 Private Spa Villas
Web-Spot | 60 s | 2015
Client: Therme Geinberg

VAMED Christmas-Movie 2015
Annual Review of VAMED AG
Internal use, 12 min, 2015
Client: VAMED AG
VAMED Reha-Movie „Das Leben sehen!“
Short-Documentary about rehabilitation
Web-Movie, 7:00 min, 2016
Coming soon!
Client: VAMED
Being Wolfgang
Image-Movie of Austrias Incoming Travel Agencys
Web-Movie | 3:00 | 2015
Client: Tourismus-Forum Incoming

Web-Spot | 1:15 min | 2015
Client: BennisNest
Water meets Crystal
Swarovski-Edition of VVW-premium gift-cards
Web- & TV-Spot | 60s | 2015
Client: VAMED Vitality World
LITZ - Adventure Site Attersee
T V-Spot & Image-Movie for the adventure site ‚LITZ - Attersee'
TV-Spot, 1 min, 2015
Image-Movie, 3:10 min, 2014
Client: Red Cross

Discover the World
Recruiting-Movie of ÖRV
Web-Movies, 1:55 and 3 min, 2014
Agency: Wirz
Client: ÖRV
VAMED Vitality World - The Relaxing Way of Life
Presentation of the 9 Ressorts of Vamed Vitality World
Image-Movie, 4:50 min, 2015
Client: VAMED Vitality World
VAMED Christmas-Movie 2014
Annual Review of VAMED AG
Internal use, 15 min, 2014
Client: VAMED AG

It gets Better!
Info-Movie of the BA XTER Equality Network Austria
Web-Movie, 7 min, 2014
Client: BAXTER - BEN Austria
Wüstenrot BeachCamp @ Frequency Festival
On-Site & Web-Movie, 29s, 2014
Agency: Wirz
Client: Wüstenrot
MED-EL Image Campaign
3 B2B and B2C spots for MED-EL Cochlea implants
Advertising spots à 15 sec, 2014
Client: MED-EL
Agency: Projekt21

VAMED Christmas-Movie 2013
Annual Review of VAMED AG
Internal use, 15 min, 2013
Client: VAMED AG
Unheard Notes
Team MED-EL at the 3rd international Piano Festival by People with Disabilities Vienna
Documentary short, 5 min, 2013
Client: MED-EL
Agency: Projekt21
SCS Grand Opening
Grand Re-Opening of the new SCS shopping mall featuring Jerry Hall
Event-Documentary, 2 min, 2013
Client: SCS/Unibail Rodamco
Agency: Projekt21

VAMED Vitality World - The Relaxing Way of Life
Presentation of the 8 Ressorts of Vamed Vitality World
Image-Film, 4:30 min, 2013
Client: VAMED Vitality World
Thank you for your blood donation!
Red Cross Information Campaign
Info-Movie, 4 min, 2013
Client: Red Cross - Blood Donation Services
Opening of new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien)
Statements of people in power in politics and economy regarding the new campus
Statement movie, 10 min, 2013
Client: WU Wien
Agency: Armstrong

Driving Camp Hungary
Spot 1: Attention!
TV- & Internet-Spot, 15 sec, 2013
Client: Driving Camp Hungary
Driving Camp Hungary
Spot 2: Hills?
TV- & Internet-Spot, 15 sec, 2013
Client: Driving Camp Hungary
Driving Camp Hungary
Spot 3: Oh my Deer!
TV- & Internet-Spot, 15 sec, 2013
Client: Driving Camp Hungary

Bistro – The Future Campus Cuisine
Werbevideo für den Gastrobereich am Bank Austria Campus
Info-Film, 3:30 min, 2013
Kunde: Domus Bistro GmbH
Agentur: Projekt21
MED-EL – Imagekampange
6 B2B und B2C Spots für MED-EL Cochlea-Implantate
Werbespots à 15 sec, 2013
Kunde: Kunde: MED-EL
Agentur: Projekt21
Driving Camp Hungary
Logo-Animation & Sound-Logo
4 sec, 2013
Kunde: Driving Camp Hungary

30 Years of VAMED
Opening video fort he 2012 gala night with live orchestra
Image-Movie 2013, 3:30 2012/2013
Client: VAMED AG
No excuses!
Spot on blood donation with Red Bull trial bike star Tom Öhler
Image movie, 4 min, 2012
Client: Red Cross

OBI Apprentice Recruitment Campaign 2012/2013

Recruitment video for apprentices
Info-Movie, 2:30, 2012/2013
Client: OBI
Agency: Wirz


Fiat Panda – The official car to do whatever

Image campaign for the new Fiat Panda
Image Spot, 1:30, 2012
Client: FIAT
Agency: Wirz
Meinl Coffee
Animation short for Julius Meinl coffee exhibition on Graben Vienna
Animation, 35 sec, 2012
Client: Meinl
Agency: Armstrong

VAMED–KMB Excellence Film 2012

Corporate video of the operating company of the General Hospital Vienna (AKH Wien)
for the EFQM Award
Image-Video, 3 min, 2012

Nah & Frisch

Anniversary-Portrait of Austrian Nah & Frisch supermarket chain
Imagefilm, 3 min, 2011
Client: Nah & Frisch - Kiennast

Die Selbermacher-Gartenbibel

Video-Presentation of a do-it-yourself book on gardening
Info-Movie, 2:30, 2011
Client: Brandstätter Verlag/OBI
Agency: Wirz

Technology for People

Imagefilm on technical management General Hospital & University Clinics Vienna
Image-Movie, 3:30, 2008/2010


Spot 1 for austrian movie magazine: Tricky vs. Sticky
Cinema & TV Spot, 20 sec, 2009
Client: M*Magazine
Agency: Projekt21


M*Magazine Spot 2

Spot 2 for austrian movie magazine: My Lover vs. Chihuahua
Cinema & TV Spot, 20 sec, 2009
Client: M*Magazine
Agency: Projekt21


SCS/Donauzentrum Eventdokus

Regular coverage of events and galas, approx. 2 min each, 2011-2013
Client: SCS/DZ - Unibail Rodamco
Agency: Projekt21


Regular coverage of events and openings, approx. 3 min each, 2008-2016
Client: VAMED AG