SINE  (lat., Preposition)    WITHOUT
(lat., from lex, legis)  LAW, RULE


Vienna International Airport

King Size Parking, Easy Parking, Online Parking
Web-Campaign starring Niki Lauda | 4 Spots, 0:30 min and 0:15 min | 2018
Client: VIE | Vienna International Airport

Austrian Medical Chambre

Ohne Ärzte geht's nicht
Web- & TV Campaign starring Omar Sarsam | 3 Spots, 0:30 min | 2017
Agency: Projekt21:

Client: Austrian Medical Chamber


Awards & Prizes


ITB Berlin - The Golden City Gate 2015
Excellence Award
for VAMED Vitality Worlds
» Water meets Crystal «


TAI - Werbe Grand Prix Wien 2015
Signum Laudis in Silver
for ÖRVs Recruiting-Movie
» Discover the World «

Sine Lege stands for our belief that in order to create something new and genuine it is necessary to leave wellknown paths.