Sine Lege stands for our belief that in order to create something new and genuine it is necessary to leave wellknown paths. We follow unconventional ideas and try to look at things from a new, fresh perspective.

About us

sine lege film

The focus of our work is the development and production of feature films, documentaries, education & infomation movies and corporate videos.
A key aspect lies in the far ranging area of 'health and care' - with the goal of developing innovative
ideas for the healthcare sector and health-communication in general.

SINE LEGE FILM was founded in 2008 and is a company with limited liabilty (GmbH) under Austrian law and is seated in Vienna.

Awards & Prizes:

Los Angeles Silver Screen Award 2006
Prix Victoria in Gold, Wien 2006
New York Festival Freddie Award 2007
Carl Mayer Drehbuch-Förderpreis, Diagonale 2007
Prix Victoria in Silber, Wien 2009
Shortlist‚ Abenteuer Österreich‘ (Location Austria), Wien 2011
Prix Victoria Gold, Wien 2014
Silver Remi Award, Houston 2014
Goldener Delphin, Cannes 2014
TAI-Werbe Grand Prix Wien 2015 – Signum Laudis in Silber
ITB Berlin – The Golden City Gate 2015 – Excellence Award


Josef Pallwein-Prettner
Script, Direction, Production

Dora Išpanović 
Production Assistent, Animation - Rookie Robot

Tamara Unterrichter 
Production Assistent, Social Media Manager - Rookie Robot 

Roman Steininger