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How Viagra changed the World

Dokumentarfilm | 86 + 53 min | A | 2020

Languages: German, English (Subtitles), French (Subtitles) 

Produced by SINE LEGE FILM in Co-Production with Praherfilm

Funded by Austrian Television Fund, Vienna Film Fund

TV-Partner Austria: Puls4

TV-Premiere: 11/2020 (Austria), 04/2021 (Switzerland) 



Paula Lambert | TV-Host & Journalist
Rocco Siffredi | Porn Actor & Producer
David Brown | Co-Inventor of Viagra
Felicitas Schirow | Prostitution Activist


The documentary ‘BLUE MAGIC’ shows in an entertaining and informative way the global effects of the male potency enhancer Viagra, 20 years after the launch of the substance. The magic blue pill laid the foundation for a whole group of substances that are consumed by young and old and have revolutionized our sex life.

In short episodes the film explores the story of the accidental discovery, covers the worldwide sales of legal trade and illegal counterfeits, focuses on the actual effect of the pill on its users as well as on the influences and changes on our global love life - from classic couple relationship to pornography and prostitution.



26 Episodes | 3 minutes each
Produced by SINE LEGE FILM in cooperation with LEISS Postproduction  

Our friend Rookie explores his world, meets new friends and experiences little adventures in 26 short episodes of 3 minutes each. Whether mouse, moon, magic or music: The  charming stories entertain with joy, wit and joie de vivre – and a cheeky twist.